Discovering the Beauty Behind the Mask


Look at me!!!

Who am I?

What happened to my dreams and goals?

What am I doing with my life? Where do I go from here?
Does this sound like you?

Are these questions you ask yourself?

If so, I would like to help you Discover the Beauty Behind the Mask

For years I lived with questions.  Never amounting to what my dreams were.  I didn’t have real direction.  I had a plan but no purpose.

One day I woke up not recognizing me! It was after a series of bad events that I realized there has to be more.  This life I’m living isn’t working for me anymore.  I could no longer hide the pain, frustration and sadness.  I could no longer hide the lies.  It was then that I decided I wanted more, there had to be more, right?  Peace and joy overwhelmed me when I found the courage to look at myself.

I challenge you to discover your true identity. Move from the comfort of hiding behind the mask. 


This “Beauty Behind the Mask” Workshop is designed to help women discover their true self.  We want to offer Hope and Encouragement

Services :  roundtable discussions, workshops and panel discussions.

In His Eyes Outreach partners with churches, drug & Alcohol rehabs, County and State correctional facilities, and other woman’s groups.


Employability Workshop

"Learn Today, Work Tomorrow"


Learn how to identify and sale your skills and talents.


Learn how to put those skills on paper.

How to complete an application and answer that question of gaps in employment and criminal records.


Learn how to job search and to present yourself for the interview: Mock Interviews


Tips to stay in good standing at your new job.

Series is 3 classes with certificate awarded in the end.

Learn Today, Work Tomorrow is dedicated to help individuals return to the work force or begin working for the first time.

This workshop series will develop the confidence needed to be successful in your employment journey.

We will help you with learning who you are and what you have to offer, how to answer the questions about time of no employment, criminal records and possible parole/probation and court supervision.

Our team of skilled, successful and qualified facilitators have years of experience in sales and human resources from Johnson and Johnson, US Army and The Criminal Justice field.


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Coming Soon!

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