Dads and Kids, Moms and Kids This is our reunification program.  We work with the children who have parents who are incarcerated. Group mentoring and quarterly events



There are over 2.5 million children who have one or both parents in jail. 7 Million children or 1 out of 10 have a parent under criminal justice supervision.

The average age of a child with an incarcerated parent is 8 years old, 22% of the children are under the age of 5 years old



The DAKMAK Program is designed to :

  • Help the child develop a higher level of self esteem and self control.
  • Eliminate the feelings of why me and only me.
  • Empower the child and assist them in the development of goals.
  • Improve the relationship between the child, their caregivers, school personnel and peers.



Our mission is to improve the lives of children whose parent(s) are incarcerated and increase the awareness of these children and their needs.

We want to help make the reunification of parents returning home to their children successful. This will help build stronger families and better communities


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